The Bitcoin as Tree of Life: why it will save the planet.

The important spiritual, human value of Bitcoin and it’s essential role in evolution.

(1) Bitcoin is a universal currency. It constructs global peace and stability.
We would love to start of with the main reasons the pro-euro adepts use why the euro is better than other feudal currencies: when groups of people use the same currency, people are tended to understand that there is a common responsibility to protect their economy. People will think from these money flows. Understand that our biotope is not Europe or US. It is clearly the globe with it’s current challenges in ecology and cultural understanding.

Exactly the reasons pro-euro adepts use to protect the euro, is the precise reason why bitcoin is a step further: instead of geographical protectionism, it created  global protectionism. It makes us realize all-and-everything is a collective project. Harming another in this universal economic unity, will only harm yourself. Stimulating another, will stimulate yourself.

(2) Bitcoin is many times more efficient than the old banking system.
When I transfer 100 euro’s from New Zealand to Afghanistan, dozens of people and institutions have to paid and have to work to get this done. With transferring bitcoins from New Zealand to Afghanistan, only 2 people are involved: me and the receiver. The universally spread-out computer algorithm does the rest. It is much closer to real personal exchange. And it happens in less than an hour. Encoded and encrypted.

(3) Bitcoin is much safer against cyber attacks than the old banking system.
Central banks work with central servers. Central servers can be easily found by hackers and attacked. Bitcoin is different. Since bitcoin is a peer-to-peer system, it has no central servers, but spreads all computing capacity equally over the globe.

When a bitcoin computer is attacked:  one wallet can be stolen. But since all wallets are anonymous, it is very hard for the hacker to know where to adress it’s attack. When a central bank is attacked, all accounts/wallets can be stolen or mixed up. Old banks and central banks are therefore many many times more vulnerable. Especially when other countries use cyber attacks as a war method. Bitcoin – as decentralised system is much, much more safe in this view.

Trading sites on internet are more vulnerable as well. We suggest that after the trade on trading sites, you channel your bitcoins back to your own PC with a firewall. When the price of bitcoins goes up, no matter where it is stored, the value rises with it.

(4) Bitcoin is open source: it can constantly be perfected and finetuned
Everyone – anywhere in the globe – is invited to finetune the programming of this rare decentralised digital currency. It means every single culture, every single human being has an equal say in how it will evolve. All you need to learn is to learn to program. It is an opensource project that will stand the test of time: our children and their children have the ability to constantly continue finetuning and perfecting this collective currency. Imagine the future possibilities.

(5) Bitcoin is not in the hands of elite or a select few, but belongs the global/universal collective.
It gets the power out of a select-few banks, banks that are often very culturally and one-sided. It pulls the power out of wars. It pulls the power out of artificial hierarchy of greed. It will restore personal and universal reason. It will never seek confrontation or financial coups since all-is-one. Attacking another would be like attacking yourself. The austerity all over the globe, to save a chauvinist and one-sided worldview by a feudal currency, will never be necessary again.

It is not in the hands of banker families. Not in the hands of royals. Not in the hands of corporations. It does not try to protect tax constructions to hide away the richest of the planet.

(6) Bitcoin does not invest in power houses of central manipulation. Bitcoins ends oil domination.
Remember the cold war. See the current tensions in the world. Whereas central banks, governed by a central organ, in charge of military operations, clearly choose sides in global conflicts and try to protect it’s intrinsical reason, bitcoin embraces both sides and makes every single soul understand the intrinsical reason of the geography bitcoin describes: universal.  It heals all traces of cultural tension and makes all evolve to constructivity.

(7) Bitcoin gives a chance of connection to all corners of the world: it balances human rights and human possibilities.
It balances economies. It restores human rights.  In the current state-of-the-world we can see that human rights are privileges for the haves. When a universal currency is installed within the consciousness of people and the globe, it will operate as the veins of the planet. The blood (currency streams) will be pumped all over the world. The places of the world where there is now a lack of financial possibilities will flow equally with this non-chauvinistic currency. By consequence, all places of this planet will understand their collective responsibility and will evolve accordingly.

(8) Bitcoin will transform cultural competition into universal abundance.
Today we see the typical construction of competition. One culture tries to destroy another for personal gain. Today it generates money to first destroy and then to build up again, for the benefit of one single culture. Roque nations think from an inside-perspective where the flow of money has become more important than the flow of goods. Since Bitcoin peacefully annihilates the geographical currency-borders -since it is universal – cancels out the power of terrorizing groups or cultures, no matter from what side or perspective. It will give birth to economy of giving, helping, and supporting others. Blocking others will block your own currency.

(9) Bitcoin stimulates truth. It cancels out manipulation, lies and corruption.
Central banks that try to uphold a currency-of-division (within the borders of nation) always want to uphold their superiority, their ego. Often under the rule of one or a few CEO’s or ultra-rich that want to uphold their unethical way of life. Therefore it will make use of propaganda, deceit, manipulation and lies. Central banks always try to keep control, since the very essence of it’s existence is to create superior privileges for itself, against any other reason. This is clearly what is happening all over Europe with ECB, but also a global tendency. Because bitcoin is a global/universal network of equally spread out computers, connected in a non-hierarchical way, there is no centralization whatsoever. It immediately annihilates all reason to manipulate, deceive or to keep it’s privileges. It makes space to realize your responsibility within the greater world, making space again for true reason over financial logic.

Furthermore Bitcoin stimulates truth. For the more another knows and lives, the more your personal economy will grow too. It becomes an essential force to continue to build and realize the collective consciousness. Bitcoin leads to that collective consciousness, since it cancels out all fears of cultural confrontation. Where connection and understanding lives, inspiration and insight grows.

Moreso, it will put the differences of rich and poor all closer to eachother. It will not be cultures that keep poverty away. It will be an economy of helping, empowering and educating that will do it.

(10) Bitcoin is more rare than gold or oil, but it is not mined by oppressed people.The old gold standard (which in fact already is cancelled) was based on colonization and oppression. Continuing with a system that has these roots, will automatically every time again create unconscious and hidden colonization. Whereas many people see this happening all over the globe, central organs of control try to deny this realization. Firstly, because it will call them to responsibility, and secondly, because it threatens the very power-structure at hand. In the end, it does liberate every culture of the inertia of bureaucracy.  Since it is a digitally encrypted currency, not created through oppression, even more rare than gold, it already has become the new gold standard.

(11) It seperates state and corporation: it liberates politics for reason.
Multinational corporations and bank institutions have grown so large, that it has become increasingly more difficult for political apparati to get a grip on it. The financial logic of centralized banks has destroyed many democracies, political stable countries and has destroyed true human reason within political structures. It seems as if the globe was hijacked by a financial logic, trying to destroy all human values. Restoring the natural financial flows to necessity, politics will be able to focus again to what it truly is built for: to serve as the forum to create a collective project for a group of people. Liberated from the financial hierarchy, it will truly help realize the equality of man and can shape a culture according to reason and insight towards human, cultural and planetary evolution, rather than constructing a company for financial profit.

(12) It will make us realize our global unity in all minds: even in ego’s.
The pro-euro adepts where clear: realizing an economic unity will help realize a conscious unity. Projected within the borders of a culture as Europe, it makes the same mistake it wants to solve: feudal logic. The consequence is fortress Europe with a lot of cultural tension along it’s borders: Greece, Syria, Northern Africa. Projecting the same reasons the pro-euro adepts have, within a universal realm, transposes the euro-vision towards a global vision of economic unity. Rather than a threat for some, it is a solution to all: capitalists will find a new way to constructively build, exchange and trade, without harming the sovereignty  of groups, nations, peoples or cultures. Where the thrift of cultural competition created fear and distance among peoples, this economic universal flow will build bridges. But also anarchists will find in this currency themselves: the possibility to trade without needing an inbetween person that tries to manipulate the trade.

How independent cultures or nations or collectives will evolve, is of course a choice of the political/collective realization of the people or the person itself. Whereas today the most wealthy people seem to have the tendency to control, bitcoin gives a possibility for them to also evolve to a universal worldview of peace and abundance. Bitcoin gives a tangible solution to the statement “no one wins, until everybody wins.”

(13) Bitcoin decentralizes power not to countries, banks or institutions, but spreads it equally over the globe.0
Centralization creates totalitarianism. Totalitarianism destroys democracy and destroys consciousness. It puts a stop to evolution.
Decentralization spreads power. Spread power creates democracy. Democracy creates consciousness. Consciousness creates evolution.

(14) The rate of the Bitcoin is a measurement of the hope in a true abundant worldview. It is the currency of Aquarius.
Whereas the rate of dollar is a measurement of the hope of investors in the American culture, whereas the euro is the measurement of hope of investors and people in the European culture, the Bitcoin shows and illustrates the hope in a common, collective and abundant worldview. It will help balance the differences between seperate cultures, cancelling out the tensions between peoples and groups. It reflects the belief of humanity in a world of peace and abundance and invites investors to join.

(15) Bitcoin is not a threat to any nation or culture. It is the perfect companion of any currency alive.
A universal currency is not a threat to any nation, since it embraces all cultures inside it’s worldview. It brings all differences closer to each other, and bridges the biggest tensions first. These tensions between cultures, being opened, will always create a spur of inspiration and rise of the value of the Bitcoin, since the realization of the universal worldview gets closer with every step. Every new cultural tension translated to this currency, creates more peace and understanding.

(16) Bitcoin has no enemies. It is of all. And it is for all.
Since it does not select. Since it treats all human being as equal from the start, it has no enemies to begin with. Since it serves a universal world view, it will not create any. The only issue at hand could be the difference between a very rich person and a very poor person. But creating conscious and honest cultures is a political project. This will be the responsibility of the liberated politics and collective forums that will shape the future of humanity through consciousness and reason.

(17) Bitcoin ends oil domination: it saves the ecology of all.
The old world was based on an oil economy. The  power structures at hand used oil for political, economic and industrial domination. Today we have realized globally a universal ecological worldview, where human rights are to be respected. Since the gold standards was replaced by an oil standard, the power shifted. Bitcoin also cancels out this oil standard and gives space for global and universal research, building and creation of an ecological and abundant place where all dead spaces can be revived to true life.

Because the rate of bitcoin will always reflect the belief in a universal worldview, it assists all that uphold a universal worldview. It is the currency of consciousness, the currency of science, the currency of creation, it is the currency of the search for the endless betterment of all. As we all have globally realized the necessity of an ecological focus and the necessity of acting according to all our insights, a whole other meaning is given to the Garden of Eden and the tree of life. We invite every soul to stay in it.

(18) Bitcoin might makes us realize a new natural currency: ki-energy/love?
As the flows of life shape consciousness of the globe as well as the consciousness of it’s individuals, it will stimulate scientific discovery, future realizations, possible more efficient ways-of -and-to-more-life. The current energy we waste on propaganda, lies, deceit, advertising, war, fear and fights will this way be channeled in a very positive way of construction. The energy and time we will liberate this way, will speed up evolution in a tremendous flux. Helping realizing humanity that all future can be as fast as our personal and collective realization.

Realizing that taking away frictions in that ecology of conscious streams and energy will make your own energetic flux ever more into a higher frequency, will only speed up your road. Bitcoin is a very essential step towards this realization, since it invites even the ones with the most financial possibilities to step in and join this vision. When all cultures will be more balanced, and have found that there is no more need for fear or tension, we might realize the un-necessity of a measurement system, and evolve to a humanity that has realized it’s natural economy of life. Just like ants have realized that. Or bees. Or colonies of termites. It is in their nature. It is in our nature too.

(19) Bitcoin ends artificially created disease. All companies/corporations will understand their responsibility of Life.
The human focus will seek a constant flux of betterment-of-life. Where current issues, as seen as financial logic hijacking hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, schools, universities, healthcare and other very essential entities to protect the sanctity of life, the opening of the financial borders will make that universal consciousness flow to all corners of the world, to all brains and people. It suffices to connect to this view to understand the immense human and global potential.

Furthermore bitcoin will cancel out disease that is artifically created. In a health care and pharmaceutical system where disease means money for the industry, now it will be bad for the prosperity for their own currency system. It will protect human lives in a much more significant way than you can imagine now. It will cancel out many diseases that have sprouted from financial logic and cultural fear.

(20) Bitcoin will end the worldview of work and will transpose us in a world-of-true-freedom and play.
Human beings work to be alive. To eat. To survive. To create more realisations. To make life more enjoyable for all. As we will liberate ourselves from a worldview-of-work, more time and space will come free to enjoy every moment-to-the-fullest. Like in ancient cultures, when the work is done, and all souls are fed, a celebration will naturally pop up. Once realized the immense and intrinsical joy of knowing that everyone is completely cared for is the most beautiful realization a human being can experience. Working towards this goal will therefore be a joy itself. It will evermore increase your own energy and vibration, forevermore finetuning all-that-is, forevermore enjoying more.

Life will be the canvas of your deepest dreams and hopes. It suffices to walk. To be attracted to what attracts you – in a fully natural way.

(21) Bitcoin ends cultural fears. It makes room and space for love.
When human beings today realized they ‘created’ death themselves, they can learn to overcome it. Within the spaces where cultures have violent confrontations, death is actually created. When undoing these borders, it will feel like watering plants, forever more increasing the abundant presence of life. Where life to the fullest is present, pure love emanates and even the last locked-away souls will find energy to be revived. When human beings become so conscious of their actions that in not a single step decay or death is created, the flux of life will continue to expand, lifting up ever more soul. Expanding the emanation of this planet, perhaps touching more consciousness…

Bitcoin kickstarts the universal #karma-conomy. You are welcome.



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