Ready for the plasmatic?

Would love to hear more.

All i can say is that many people that are into spirituality – call these times the times of ‘ascenscion’. You know the pictures of Jesus going up in heaven, in the wonderful pillar of light. Well – it is – they say – a process that is happening all over the world now. A collectieve ascension.

Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed were mere channeling center-prophets, that – because of the focused attention of the generations were able to channel these specific energies that are being liberated now. Because people pray and focus, and send it back to them in the past – their message of a future was spread in the past. It is us and the generations after us, telling these prophets what to tell our ancestors, so they could find the way to now.

The beauty is this. All religions sing/talk of Unity. Real unity. A god of unity. In quantum physical terms you could say there is no past or future in universal timeless ways, but there is only happenings. There is no specific order to things, since there is no possibility to callibrate to time.

The tool ‘time’ is merely based on the physical decay within the atmosphere of planet earth. Outside of planet earth, there is only light and eternal movement. So never decay, never death, never end. Only processes.

– – –
Good – we need this zoom out first. But there is more.
– – –

In these times, because of the information of all cultures being exchanged so rapidly all over the world, we discover so much consciously and subconsciously about who we truly are. More and more we discover how all matter relates to all matter. Our thoughts, based on realities that were built on fear no langer matter, since the matter is no longer there.

So walls fade. Triggering basic fears from fifty to hundreds to thousands years ago. We seem to – at the end of history – walk through history again. But this time from the end to the beginning.

In modern dance, theater as in spirituality is a well known phenomena that bodies and minds remember past-happenings through creating body tension. A memory is not stored in the brain, rather in a physical part of the body. You can see that on your breath that becomes heavy in certain situation. A tension around your heart or tensions in your neck. These are memories which we didn’t work through yet. So many people are carrying the past or carrying the future in the now, so they are blinded for the real reality. Being in the Now would be a true apocalypse.

So our bodies do change a lot. Because more information/energie is flowing in this world. Ever faster and quicker. And because of walls fading or falling, even more energies travel. And flowing energies make bodies happy. And happy bodies generate energy. See where we are going? One day – some say – we will encompass all-and-everything, not just planet earth as a whole, but will become beings that understand that vibes and frequencies of planets, will be able to read the information in starlight and will be able to feel all that comes towards or personal or global or universal atmosphere.

See it as plasma in the fist water. Round beings encompassing ever more. Become people. See the new water as the space. Ever encompassing more.

Our bodies are changing to a larger universal reality. We no longer inhabit our old countries. We inhabit a world. And as soon we inhabit a world in very peaceful way, perhaps we will learn to swim/walk/talk/think in such an accordance just like how fish swim.

But swimming synchronistically takes some changes. And these past-life tensions are fading. Even if these tensions had become the basis of our self-identification. Of our culture. Of what-we-thought-who-we-were.

But when the oxygen atom let’s go of it’s walls, very perhaps it discovers it is a vibrant molecule of water, being the source of life. If the people let go of their walls, if the world we built would do the same…

It is the end of an era. It is the end of the times. It is the end of dream we dreamt. It is the beginning of the New.

Let it flow. Be the peace.
And all is you. x


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