Take this message to your elders [02/09/2012].


And the Global Gathering of the Tribes came to the conclusion: a trans-cultural economic unity is not possible. Every community has different needs and different life styles and different cultures. New aim for this millennium: create an inter-cultural dialogue, especially to improve your own insights.

It is of important to always keep the economical choices within and inside of the cultures. Not the other way around. Only then it will also serve the needs of biotope and community, only then it will respect the cultural traditions/knowledge on how to connect to the others. Culture is the combination of people and stories and science and knowledge and insight that will bring about evolution. Methods for product-exchange shall be the Servant of that collective.

When a force – in what shape whatsoever – comes to rule over culture, insights, wisdom, tradition, care, health, education, free time, free choices, thoughts, the fair sharing of food, the creation of art, the healing of ailments, the construction of products, the balance of the nature, it is clearly that the individual needs of a few are taken as more important than the needs of the community, the need of it’s people and the needs of it’s biotope. We believe such a force – in what shape it comes – needs to be stopped by all means.

Please take this message to your elders. We believe they too will understand.
Until to moment of great understanding and balance, we wish the best of luck.






One thought on “Take this message to your elders [02/09/2012].

  1. I completely disagree. In my experience, culture is derived from people believing other people. It causes infidelity to your own life. It gives importance to the fake.

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