The Spring is You

The polarity of good and bad – or being able to act upon the difference between it in your personal choices (or learning from your experiences) is based on whatever happened to you. A judgment can only touch or make you feel unbalanced when you feel it is true. It isn’t able to touch you when it is based on a lie. It is a mere call to your own consciousness. At those chekckpoints of choice, you are able to exercise your freel will: either you go in truth by adapting your actions, or you choose to communicate with the messenger, trying to merge your visions to a better truth. Or you can hide behind the veil, your own illusions, your own personal labyrinth in the Self. Postponing the confrontation between your own actions and what you intrinsically know.

People often attack structures or ideas or people that question their own belief-patterns. That is a movement that exists in both directions.The fact that there is a polarity in the first place, only means that there is something we do not agree on. It means there are two versions, that only serves a smaller part of the human population. This natural movement of attraction of opposite forces is in fact something very beautiful. It is exactly that that brings man and woman together, good and bad or bad and good. Every contradiction that exists is bound to attract its opposite. It is the essence of life. It is the essence of going on. By consequence, every space of disagreement is a mere trying to tune to a chord. Often I notice that two contradictions in a conversation either cancel themselves out or give birth to a new idea.

The polarity does not have to grow more tense until it results in a heavy confrontation, by simply using the moments of chance “to find the bridges”. These chance to address the confrontation with talks is now. Everyone lives according to his own truth. His own fortress. And either way we try to tune our truths and medieval fortresses for once and for all to a new global way of thinking. Or you choose to stay in a spot where only a select few found an agreement. Either way, as long as you are trying to build your defenses inside your castles to not having to face the sunlight, then you are not in the world of oneness where people all over the globe are bridging their differences, opening and bundling to a very powerful human force. This process has been going on for ages. Today it seems to be faster than ever.

Some call it evolution. Others call it unity. Either way, we are all waking up from a very scary dream into a vision or stream that brings us together to a whole new society. This stream flows in the middle. Between everyone. No leaders. No hierarchy. But a round circle. And if anyone tries to divert the stream to his or her own purposes, all that happens is that the dark spots of that Self are only revealed, to find the balance within this world. It is a natural process. And the tree grows with every movement. The universal spring makes us blossom in every single cell. To the top of our tows.

Don’t fall back in painful pasts. Keep being carried by the 7 billion others.
It is not just an Arab, European, Russian or American Spring.
It is a universal spring of all that exists.

Be prepared. A conscious civilization is coming.


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