An invitation for your soul.

Dear friends

Unity and uniformity. Diversity and creativity. Interesting words we should not mix up.  In the diverse world views that we have created, the different cultures that seem to have their own very ways, are essential. Diversity is the growing out of uniformity.  Finding diverse new ways of life, growing out of systems, we understand how rich and beautiful these new life paths can be. We can create thousands of communities, all over the world, all experimenting to build a place built on Truth, built on Freedom and Equality.  We can build thousands of diverse communities, independently, to experiment and learn more about this life.

The direction of our common era is one of ecological sustainability, it is one where there is only truth, love, it is one with freedom for all beings, built through knowlegde, vision, artistry, friendship, collectivity, education, care and trust. It is a healthy society. Full of trees and free animals. It is place where we understand our natural connection.  In a collective circle in which every voice is heard. There are no politicians. It is a collective way. Built and carried by all. It is a garden.

There is care for every soul. –  Especially the weakest.

It is not a society of inequality and mass manipulation like capitalism, it is not a system that will save the rich and damn the poor, there will not be patented medicine or seeds or plants, animals do not live in huge concentration camps, in that place there is no room for factories that pollute. There is no machinery we have to work for. It is not a place that defends itself through the weapon. It is not a place the overthrows other views and other cultures. It is not a place that builts new concentration camps. It is not a place that has only one leader. It is not a place with credit cards.  It is a place that is created by having no more fear of life….

And see where we are in this world: not everyone is ready. Some that live, still make use of the old ways. In their own very days. And to manifest change, with the speed of light, with the speed of goodness, every single small step matters. So if I take my car, or I take my bike, my whole world is different. My whole life-experience is different. The whole effect on my globe does change.

So let’s see, instead of talking about others, I should talk only about myself:  do I still protect the existence of oil, by using it myself?.  Do I eat and grow biologically? Do I seek always the peaceful options? Do I ignore pain when I pass along or do I help to better it? Do I have a sustainable ethical bank? Am I greedy in some ways? Where do I miss the chance to improve the world around me? And do I believe that true logic basis itself in vision?

In Godspeed or that ecstatic flux where All is One, a flow of  love or everlasting light, every second is creation. Every moment is a chance to create more in this universal dream. Every action in a direction of betterment and creates a gateway, a movement, a motion that creates a stream towards evolution. That stream attracts All. It is a stream of consistent Truth. A stream of Pureness. A way where no more preaching is necessary. A way of life in where no leaders are necessary. Only teachers, creators, story-tellers, artists, visionaries, makers, builders, seeers, healers and feelers. It’s a way of life that you feel in every fibre.

It is a way of life that invites every single soul to be true and make his or her own choices. No matter what their laws of the country, habitual laws, family traditions or surroundings seem to believe. If it comes to your actions, all is your choice. But be aware that you will have to defend your choices before the choir of a trillion souls, to all the people of the Now, and all the people of the Past. Everyone. 

If you can balance yourself in such a truthful consistent flow, then we carry you. And you carry it all.

Perhaps we need to transform our ways completely. Leaving structures like empires completely to the past. Transforming our monetary system to a fair and just flow. Thinking universally, acting locally. In small deeds. So we can hear every voice. That person we normally seem to ignore. So we can witness every thought that arises, adressing it, and finding the Silence back.

The light of diversity is so full knowledge that options seem to open like a flower. Every petal is new cosmos of endless journeys.

Understanding the universal  inter-connectedness is a vast and living network of independent-thinking creatures, creating independent-creating communities, balancing themselves in a universal unity that really is alive. And it beats with a heart. And these ever-contracting sounds of in-and-out, this  universal heartbeat that is spreading love and light and wisdom all over existence teaches us to beat all in unison and harmony. And the more we are in-tune, the more we detail our senses, the larger our Selves become. The more completeness we experience.

Our senses have the sense of direction.
And we are not alone on these heights.

This generation is changing it all. Creating and empowering small communities. Becoming responsible and independent for the whole world. Realizing our effects on ourselves and the others. Natually living together in experiencing that you are also me. Our dreams are touching universally in these times. The walls you find you only need to climb. Creating a very endless and unique web of dreams. Of manifesting realities, of diversity. Reflecting and learning all together. Growing out of systems and uniformity, blooming like a flower with All ways. In All directions. Rejoicing life.

The spring is happening. It is not an uprising.
It is our end of winter. It is starting to bloom. 

And in the the curls and bends and twists and turns nature takes, there is no straight line to find, the unexpected surprises that nature is, is the essence of not having control. It is the essence of Trust and Letting Go. Like the branches of the tree.

In pure truth, the ones in the network of truth,
the ones in the tree of knowledge of good and bad

will find the garden again.

There we grow forever.
We invite you with all our hearts.

The best of luck.



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