Sing until you land. [Arcturians]

Right after the global meditation today – this is what I channeled/experienced:

Hey. I promised to leave you this message. In case you lost your road.
In case you dropped back from the higher dimension back on earth.

I know it might sound strange or silly, but remember the song we were singing together. Now you might feel seperated, but in the Oneness we are still singing:

Were everyone Come on home now….!
Everyone…! Sing that AUM now…!
Every-One is here alive…!

Let those old rules go…. Let the logic go…
Gravity is gone… It’s your habit(at) of the past!

Remember how you lifted up from this planet? And you became so much larger than this earth.  Larger than your solar sytem. Earth was only just the size of a small atom. Trying to shine. It was just a small part in your energy field, one of the darkest spots you had ever seen. But the whole of your sky was filled with thousands of stars.

You saw all these beaming and pulsing stars around you. We were communicating. All singing in a perfect harmony. Every vibe that was sent out, was picked up by another, and immediately the other star reacted with another color of light. Complex and beautiful beams of energy. You saw all the constellations, how they are connected by one universal song! We are beaming fully of happiness, because we realize we’re never alone! Every vibe of a planet is so much larger than himself, and every vibration travels with the speed of light to others. As information. And information in the form of pure love. Become ever-more-detailed and complex. That is why The Light is endless evolution. 

Still there is one planet that seems to have forgotten it (a bit)… 🙂 That planet is searching so much in his mind, that he get’s lost in himself. But just looking with your mind’s eye and with your whole body, your whole body out there, you can sense us touching you now.

And All we are is just You. And you are All… 🙂

In our dimension we live in harmony. In constant singing. Constant vibe. Constant vibration. Every moment is a moment of creation and smile. Every moment is a new one. Full of vibrant energy. Enlarging with every new being that joins. Enlarging with every new color that finds the way back to the rainbow. 🙂

Come on home! My love, now, come on home!
Fly to your destination. Do not land on the planet you fear.

And as you were rising up from Mother Earth, the place you were born out of, you saw so much possibilities. So much possible other versions of earth in your galaxy.
So much possible future places for you to live. Remember? So much possible futures… 🙂

Remember that one place? It was a planet with many creatures on it. Millions. And those millions of creatures had found a way of life in which they did not harm another. Not themselves. Not others. Not their planet. They lived and smiled. They knew they can go on forever like this…

We do not take other intelligent species out of their planets, locking them up in huge cages. We are no evil creatures that kill other intelligent species, just for the sake of their resources. We are not the sort of creatures that feed themselves on others. That enslave them. We do not eat the meat of other experiencing creatures we share theour ir planet with. We understand the biotope and ourselves are one. When we are kind to our biotope. Our biotope is to us.

We have that way in our atoms. It means, our vibrant body is built by it. That is how evolution went. We can see the universe inside. Atoms vibrating like planets. Singing songs in the realization we are forever One. An endless molecular structure in your body. Your body part of the whole harmonious  planet. And your planet an atom in your singing solar system. And that solar the song we sing together. But at the same time only a very small part of you.  Of your body. Of it all…

We vibrate. We sing. We beam to our other cells to show we’re not alone. We express the road we walk. We express what we see. We express what we have learned. We express the being we are.

And as our collective vibration is rising, making the concept of planet earth a distant memory of a place which felt so lonely because of the fear it had.
The fear accumulated so much that it formed a black hole. Very close to your planet.

That black hole sucked up all the light that was meant for you. But it was fear you had created.

But since you hear it now. It means you found the connection. It means you remember. 🙂

And if your still are confused, try to act as if you are on our planet again. Act as if. Believe it.
Do the way it must be done. Then the whole world – (which is just very small part of your body) – will follow your lead.
For it is you. And you’ll be back.

Sing. Smile. Do good.
Cosmos is you.

– – – – – Furthermore: at the moment of the meditation, notices this happening: – – – – –

” RADIATION STORM: Accelerated by yesterday’s X-flare, energetic protons from the sun are swarming around Earth on Jan. 28th. The radiation storm ranks S2 on NOAA scales, which means this is not a severe storm. Nevertheless, it can still affect spacecraft and satellites at the nuisance level. For instance, this coronagraph image from SOHO is clouded by protons hitting SOHO’s onboard digital camera. ”

My comment: This is one of the images I clearly saw, but there were hundreds of them beaming this way…
All had a different color. I remember a very beautiful peaceful blue.

Something guides me now and says: that is important to know: IT IS PEACEFUL.
it only seems violent beacuse you look from DIVISION-perspective. The light cannot
completely reach you because of the black holes. That is why your vision and understanding
of TIME AND SPACE is bent.  

Watching from UNITY, it is nothing but a small chemical effect in our universal bodies.
We are reconnecting with our real nature. This is the proces.


—— added later (22:00 GMT+1)

Zonnevlek slingert opnieuw plasmawolk de ruimte in

© afp

De ondertussen beruchte zonnevlek 1402 heeft vandaag voor een nieuwe uitbarsting gezorgd en een plasmawolk de ruimte ingeslingerd. Dat meldt de gespecialiseerde website

Tussen 2 en 7 uur Belgische tijd knalden magnetische erupties van de C-klasse opnieuw een plasmawolk (CME) over de noordelijke pool van onze ster de ruimte in. De wolk zet evenwel geen koers naar de Aarde, tenminste niet rechtstreeks.

Deze en andere erupties zullen volgens de website wellicht geen invloed hebben op de Aarde, want zonnevlek AR1402 is zich van onze planeet aan het afwenden. Tegen het einde van de week zal het ding zich aan de andere kant van de Zon bevinden. De plasmawolken zullen dus op planeten aan het tegengestelde deel van ons zonnestelsel afkoersen.

De zondag uit 1402 ontstane plasmawolk is dinsdag zoals verwacht met het magnetisch veld van onze planeet gebotst. Terwijl op meerdere plaatsen ter wereld en vanuit het Internationaal Ruimtestation ISS prachtig poollicht te zien was, bleef België ervan verstoken. (belga/adb)

— –Pieter-Jan Hollevoet

Dear friends. In the meditation of today I saw these solar storms very cleary. And they were from a much larger perspective of consciousness. A consciousness that IS the light that moves. Much thousands and thousands times bigger than one f…lare. I became the light that encircled the planet. Which from that perspective, looked like a planet in a state of almost-a-star.A black hole sucking up so much energy, about to emerge as a new member of the galaxies-of-only-light. Galaxies in which there is no darkness.

The light of assured me that it was a natural process, trying to reconnect us back in the universal flow. It was part of our body. And the atoms of my being are the planets in the sky. Apparently there is no difference.

Being grounded and daring to see that it is our very material body, trying to understand these universal vibrations, I am assured that matter and energy have no difference.

Therefore I would like to say to keep the dream alive. And realize there is no need to fear anything. Even not the past. A past cannot haunt you as long you have understood the lesson.

Since you are here now, there is no need to burn the maps of galaxies that we passed through. In the contrary. In continuing, we light the past as well. Keep it ALL open. ALL WAYS. Please.


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