How Art Makes the World: Christ’s Entry in Brussels [James Ensor]

Entry of Christ into Brussels  ]

James Ensor
Belgian, Ostend, 1888
Oil on canvas

– – – – – – – – – – –

This are the streets of Brussels. In the middle you see an enlightened light-spreading Jesus, but he is small, and the whole entourage and the whole audience picture themselves as more important.

The officials are standing next to crowds. Clothed in rich clothes. On built stages. Full of pride.

“Who blabbers the loudest, has the most succes!”, James Ensor says.

Ensor, painting this picture, gives everyone  a loud  smash: the rich, the church, but also the small people, wearing all their masks. Only a few faces  that are truthful. Perhaps he pictures the difficulty of unmasking the lies?

Was he representing what happens today? Or are we living his creation? What was first?

Anyhow. We probably are putting ourselves more in the picture, excuse me for that, perhaps I am not seeing the whole reason why this is happening. Truly understanding the roundness of times and the timelessness of creation would make me hear my phone ringing. One from Ensor hismelf.

I would pick up.


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