#Occupy: let us start a new way


I love tents. I love protest. I love questioning establishment and I love questioning power. It makes me think. It makes me dare to think outside the frames. It makes me dream and it lets me know that everything is possible. Everything. As long as we stay true to our bigger selves .

I am dreaming of a place where all people smile. Where they sing and eat and work and play and live with and for each other. For alive beings. Not for money. A place where all communicate from soul to soul. A place where the love makes us flow to our next dream. A place where all are one and all are free.

All is alive there. We are connected to people and not systems. And in our constellation, we are guided by love, intuition, knowledge and vision. And we connect to the whole world. Since we feel we all are one, every soul is loved, cared for and provided for.

We have no leaders. But we have dreams. The light of the common dream that shines the brightest in our souls will become our future. We talk. Discuss. Create and learn. No rules except your own. And all we know and all we do is part of our common experience.

Let us build a village. And let us be creative. Let us dance and draw and write and sing. Let us plant our trees and provide all with the apples. Let us bake our bread and let us talk of love. Let us find a town, full of potential. Let us find a place where we leave the cars at home. Let us build a future where no more banks are needed. Let us create a city. Full of light and wisdom. Where light and love will flow and take us in the sky. Let us create a world. One of understanding.  And all we do is constructing. So let us withdraw the fighting. All we do is constructing. So let us withdraw the fighting. All we do…

Create it now. –  Build it now. –  Make it now.
Do not wait for bankers to wake up. Do not
wait for politicians to follow the flock.

Your creation will be your resistance.
Your resistance the creations out of love.

The ants and the bees and the animals know: a collective does not need external control.
We are as we are. And do the bees feel like ignoring the queen? They just fly away… Themselves.

It is time to return to the garden.
Be in love. With All.

Read and learn more about Eco-villages and other ethical life-projects all around the globe. Learn what you can do to start a similar project.
http://gen.ecovillage.org/ | GEN: Global Ecovillage Network

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