#Occupy and Exodus: we are guided by our ancestors.

The people were slaves, back then in Mozes’ time. The pharaoh, on the top of the pyramid, used these people for his personal wealth. For personal enrichment. He used the 99 per cent for the betterment of 1.

But there was also Mozes, born in the cradle of this richness.
He woke up and realized how it was. Unjust. Unfair. Inhuman.

“Set my people free!” Mozes chanted. Let them go. We are human beings, damn it!

On the Tahrir square of millennia ago, people quit their jobs, exited the system of back then, threw off the shackles and chains of manipulation and they went for the square, they took their tents and set for a journey through the desert. The enormous wasteland full of dangers.

“Fear not!” The god YHWH, the god of Unity and Oneness replied. “I am All and you are part of me. In the Unity thou shalt be guided.” Water flew out of rocks. Birds fell from the sky. Bread-dough seemed to fall from trees and bake on the hot sand. They were provided for by something much larger. And they felt it. They knew it. They were part of it.

40 years they wandered. Enduring the hardships. Not giving in. And with every step they took, they grew stronger. And though they were chased by Egyptian soldiers, which crimed themselves of police brutality crimes against their own people, the Jah Unity went on. Through deserts and waters. In a equal love providing for All.

With the fire of Unity power guiding them, they splitted the Sea. And All could walk through. And when the blind soldiers of the state arrived, they were drowned in the waters. “They shall not pass!”

And so the crowd went on. As One. And as they grew, so grew their vision.  The All could see much further than the division that had tried to rule. 

It started in Egypt. The light of Unity. Millennia ago. As if it was yesterday. A light so bright that it sparks the souls of whole humankind.

“Fear not.” , He said, “We are one. This is the real Exodus. We shall overcome. Have no doubt.” And with songs, dreams and visions of truth in their eyes, ears and hearts, they reached the promised land.

“Know what is good and what is bad.
It will open up your path.”

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