the transforming reality [and power of art]

[The transforming reality]
The world is my mirror. It is who I am.

In a turbulent time with an abundance of opinions, action is inevitable. That is why I believe in the power of art. The power of drama. The power of actions. The existence of reality manifests itself through physical actions on the material plane. Every step has a significant impact on conscioussness and matter.

To get to know myself I want to recognize in order to be recognized. Free in order to be freed. Give in order to receive. Start a movement in space where I can believe in. The effect on the world is an effect on me.

[A constant flux from here to now]
As a maker of theatre, I choose to create images, sounds, sensations, experiences. I want to picture inner-visions or the findings of a reality which is manifesting itself at that-very-moment. Not a single other art from combines as much senses. It does not only use the body as the most fine-tuned evolving instrument, it is the experiencing instrument and goal in itself. The reality always presents itself as the holographic crossroads between sense of touch, taste, smell, vision and hearing. (If not blinded by emotion.) In the ever-creating of a reality that has more richness, the contradiction, the harmonic convergence or the dissonant is exactly that which shows the way to a more ideal Utopia. Exactly that goal in front of your eyes, creates a flux to betterment of us as a growing collective, as our individual experience It is a flux that because of its diversity and complexity becomes more rich, more full and more vivid with every step on the way. In the seeking for unity between all senses, the spectrum inside grows too. The larger the spectrum inside, the larger the understanding in every moment, the more detailed an strong relations in and out of ourselves grow. The greater the balance in it All.

As I am just a small part of this world, I realize my connection to the  endless (eternal) entity. We are part of our planet. And our planet is part of solar systems much wider than we know. But I chose to take a closer look to my ancestors: the hydrogen atoms. These atoms were able to create a relation to themselves (or better: their other selfs – other hydrogen atoms), just by increasing their vibration patterns. Their ‘happiness.’ In doing this, they self-created oxygen atoms. The next step of their own creation. In this very relation, the first molecule of water originated. Their trinity became unity. Their unity becaume plural again, all other atoms started to develop, first life, then plants and animals, with us all as the further point in evolution.

This diversity is in itself a new unity. We all were just that oxygen atom.

That is why I want to think as earth. To be like sun. In the growing out of water, I am a body that learns. And in seeking the highest evolution, I want to recognize my personal walls to climb over them. I want to frame ideas to understand their endlessness. I am not a merchant of ideas. Not an expert in form or wisdom, but a child. I want to find a feather and play with it. Not seeking for its functions, but for its possibilities. I want to recognize the whole universe in just an onion. I want to let the world to show her wonders to me. I want to keep seeing them every second.

I will grow out of the functionalising of human kind,
by just trying to experience more and more.

That is how I understood my ancestor-atoms. I think. In constantly connecting to all others, in all chemical (or energetic) connections possible, trying to form new constellations with our own bodies, we find a larger resonance, better constellations and a higher vibrating ideal which is a feast and exaltation for the senses of me and my surroundings. Of life.

In the constantly reconnecting with my own opposite, every battle evolves to finetuning visions. Every single entity, from plant, to animal to human being, will find just the right spot in its own conscioussness to be able to continue himself. All that still have not connected to the experience of oneness, still has not discovered the ecstatic stream that accepts in itself everything to create space for a larger diversity. That way we create an endless experience.

[All-one is not alone]
In discovering our own boundaries, we discover at the same time unabridged space. Two spaces in the conscioussness where there is no connection yet. In the seeing of those borders as possibilites to bridge, you enlarge your own experience far outside of yourself. Without hesitation the connection with earth and sky is inevitable. You are just an atom in a greater body.

On the way to the Utopic stream, you immediately find that reality and self not only is related, you come to conclude that bridging every difference is only overcoming your own illusion. You come to realize that all that you move, has a resonance in your reality. Being conscious and only taking steps where we believe in is therefore the wisest we could do.

Since September I have been playing and creating with 4 actors from all over the world. Constantly bridging from hell to heaven (in all its meanings). The goal of the play was to liberate all nations still under dictatorship. Only months later, after a dozen of rehearsals, things started to move in Egypt. Peoples started to cry out and fight for democracy. We only danced, tried to find good constellations between those four bodies, and we recited poetry.

Every day again everywhere in the world people try to make these connections. Everywhere relations become more interesting, richer and fuller. The relation of the first water molecule has grown and multiplies fruitfully.

[The bees and the ant]
Being connected. That is what it is about. From the bees that have very complex, but natural habitats around their queens. The megapolises of ants. None of them have politics. No artificial hierarchy. None of the them have valuta. All have evolved in their own best being to their own best possibility.

Are we as human beings still on our way to this understanding? Or are we – as an energetic entity well on our way? Logically, looking from a distinction creates riddles. Looking from oneness creates possibilities.

There are many people in the world. Many world visions too. If it comes to choose yours, you are on your own. Even if artificial hierarchy tries to make you believe otherwise. Perhaps they are the ones learning.

Let us be. Let us enjoy. Let us vibrate together to the better constellation.
Give us time. And let us put it to a stop.
Let us understand history.

Let’s play in this eternity.

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